Colour scheme – Life

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016



This is the first digital art work i have ever made and i quite like it. The four different stages of life are shown; the tire swing represents your really childhood years of being playful and enjoying life with out a care. The man standing under the tree looking proudly into the into the distance is showing adulthood and reflection on how far you have come to find your self. The bench signifies your elder years of relaxation and peace, enjoying what years you have left. Lastly the cross grave stone shows the end of your life on the earth returning back into the ground.

The top left i used warmer colours like yellow and red to have a calming yet slightly exciting feel. For the next over in the top right I used complimentary colour scheme for an exciting and popping effect to try get a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction. For the bottom left I used a light green and light blue to try and get the feeling of calmness but not excitement some sadness but not to much to the point of utter sadness. Lastly for the bottom right i used very dark and sad colours to try and get across utter sadness and despair because the persons life has finally come to an end.

That is why i call this piece, Life.


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