Thursday, October 13th, 2016

This is some research work for an up incoming portrait I am going to be making should be done with in a week or later. These are some rough ideas of what i like from each of these photos (links to each photo will be included).



I like how part of the portrait is drawn and the other part is take from a photograph mixing two kinds of art together like this is very nice and appealing to look at in my opinion. The mixing of both drawn and a photo is interesting.



I like this portrait because of how one it shows feeling, by having the face be sad and sorrowful and with the hand grabbing out trying to reach something. It gives off the emotion of pitifulness or sadness or despair. I also like how the face has morphed with the hand, turning a face into a shape is cool.



I enjoy how an image is overlaid on top of the person. I like this one out of the others from Miki Takahashi because it almost seems like the blue is her hair mixed with the spider web, this is morphing two photographs together.



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