Self Portrait

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Mcbryan - Portrait copy copy.jpg

First wanna say sorry for the late post, I talk about it in here. New post monday.

I call this piece a reflection of some of my personalities and feelings, I first wanted to grab the attention of the viewer by making them focus on the light baby blue headphones, music is a big thing in my life and without it i wouldn’t be able to focus as well when doing my work. The complimentary colours are exciting and pop out right away which is the effect i was going for in trying to direct the focus of the viewer to the headphones first.

The next thing you would notice is the contrast between me and the warm background, showing how even though i may be surrounded by things of warmth and happy feelings, I myself am not. Lastly I added a drawing of ‘Gudetama’ laying down being lazy trying to show my love of drawing and doodling but also that i am lazy and easily distracted.

This piece took forever to make, as I had planned everything I was going to do in my sketch book planning out the fine detail of what I was adding and how it was going to look. How ever half way through I didn’t like where the piece was going and decided to scrap it trying different things until I got the piece to its current state. Its not something I am super proud of and I defiantly think it could be better, how ever I wasted so much time already.

If I could do this piece again I would put a bunch more effort into it, and try to manage my time a little better. The piece was due in class and i had run out of time, it felt rushed and frantic, but it was my own fault for almost handing it in late.




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