Remembrance Day

Friday, November 4th, 2016


With Remembrance Day coming up soon my class was assigned a task to make a remembrance themed photomontage. I wanted to get the feelings associated with remembrance day in this piece, I went for rich red standing out against a grey background. The symmetric piece having a large rich red Canadian maple leaf. This symbolizes the fact that the soldiers underneath the maple leaf have given their life for the country. In the back ground many graves and seen with a few dotted poppies here and there, popping out to give a slightly warm feel. The tone however of the piece is more serious but is lightened by the rich red poppies.

The quote underneath the maple leaf if you can’t read it says “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” The quote is from Terry Partchett. I would like to think that it his quote also extends to the women that gave their lives too. I pray for any of those who are still suffering because of a lost one from war or the death of anyone from any cause.

When making this piece I ran into a little difficulties as I couldn’t find the right images I had imagined in my head. I first thinking doves and fields of poppies but still with soldiers, in the end though i had come out with this which I like a lot more than my initial idea.

Thank you.


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