Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

This is some mandatory research I had to do for my class leading up to creating some design being in typography, going to be using Illustrator to create this piece. No promises on when its coming out, looking at maybe one or two weeks.

Serif fonts

This type of font gives off the feeling of formal and traditional, but not modern. It’s easy to read and appealing and symmetrical, allowing the eyes to follow along the words easily.

2-4‘SONY’ advertises and sells computers, tablets, TVs and online services and guides.

Which makes you wonder why ‘SONY’ hasn’t update their logo like ‘Google’ did a while ago. Although the change would be seem weird at first a think that ‘SONY’ would work better if they user a Sans Serif font because its seen as more modern. They want a more modern feeling considering that fact that they are in the technology market. The feeling of traditional is not a feeling that should be associated with new technologies.

Sans Serif fonts

This font gives off some of the same feelings of Serif font, being still as easy to read and understand. The difference is that Sans Serif is a more modern version of Serif.

google_2015_logo-svg‘Goggle’ is a primarily a search tool like ‘Bing’ or ‘Yahoo’. ‘Google +’ is also a social sharing website, they have also come out recently with and android IOS.

I think ‘Google’ making the choice back in 2015 to update their logo from Serif font to Sans Serif font was a good idea. Since Serif is more of a traditional older looking font, while Sans Serif is more modern a better fitting to a company that sells technology and works on websites.

Script font

Script font can either give off the feeling of a formal writing or a more friendly form, as if it was hand written. The font is slightly harder to read then the other two fonts, but is much more fluid and varied making, giving the feeling of elegance.

coca-cola-logo‘Coca-Cola’ sells carbonated drinks with their own flavors, similar to ‘Pepsi’. They also sell ‘Coca-Cola’ merchandise.

Script font for this company I feel is fine, since the logo itself used to be the creators signature, because back when it was created there was no printing, a company’s name was its signature. I think even if ‘Coca-Cola’ wanted to change their Logo font they would suffer massive customer loss. The company name has so much brand image associated with its font, that changing it would risk too much.


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