Typography – Quotes

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016


Sorry about this piece coming out later than intended.

This piece was made using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. When first making this piece I came up with 3 quotes about friends, as I currently am in a good mood because of my friends.

The I used 3 different type faces the first is the white text, which i didn’t want to be as noticed as the other text, so it was smaller and sank to the back ground. The 2nd type face i used was for the words ‘Best’ and ‘Before’, I want these 2 words to be noticed after the word ‘Friends’ was noticed. The reason they are a light red with a pink highlight is because I wanted to get the feeling of happy or warm, that’s also why the word ‘Friends’ is coloured yellow. The word ‘Friends’ I used a script type face as I wanted a more elegant looking word so that it caught the eye and brought the gaze of the user to the middle of the piece rather than lingering on other words and getting distracted.

When dealing with the background I wanted to show friendship, this why I included 2 girls sitting alone mirroring each other body language, which is casual and comfortable. This body language shows they are comfortable with each other and get along. After deciding on the image I went with a light blur on the image as it was not the main focus of the piece, I didn’t want to over blur the image so that it wasn’t able to be even made out, but I also didn’t want the eye to look at it for too long, think of the image as almost ‘background noise’. I then overlaid lighter more cheerful colours of lights, further blurring the image by blending it and the words together into the image, yet still keeping them in focus and pulled away from the background.

I think I could have done much better on this piece, possible by removing the colour from the words and trying to playing with them more, such as wrapping the text into images to show the feelings I trying to get across rather than using colour.

Hope you enjoyed.



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