Typography – Barbara Kruger Inspired

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

McBryan - Barbara Kruger.jpg

This piece was completely made in Adobe Photoshop and inspired by Barbara Kruger, I wanted to tackle that fact that women still aren’t being properly included in political debates and discussions.

To get really into this piece I did a bit of research into the matter using the UN global issues website, I found information saying that when women are included in peace processes the probability of the agreement lasting at least 2 years increased by 20% and increased by 35% when it lasts at least 15 years.I wanted to get across that women should be seen more for their intellect than their bodies, or with their bodies. In fact everyone should be seen for their actions and choices rather than their appearance. To get this point across I changed up the commonly used statement of “Brains over brawn.” and changed it to “Brains over beauty.”

For the image its self, I had as the background the UN symbol with its cyan associated colour, and over played a women talking into a microphone. I overlaid the cyan colour onto the women so that your eyes would put the two things together, the UN and the women. Going for large white bold font with a black background to make them stand out was a good idea, also the placement of the word “brains” at the top over the word “beauty” not only telling the user but also showing them.

Thank you



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