Google Doodle

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016


This piece was made in Adobe Photoshop, using a drawing pad to draw the logo ‘Goggle’ and the pencil that draws it.

To draw the pencil I did a light sketch of the pencil i was holding in my hand increasing the width of the pencil slightly and shortening its length as I didn’t want the pencil clipping out of the window. After the first sketch I went ahead and started colouring in the areas trying to make sure no white spots were left. I started with a light colouring of the areas then went in with finer detail.

For the word ‘Google’ to make sure the writing of ‘Google’ was as natural looking as possible I kept drawing the word ‘Google’ in my sketch book paying close attention to the way my pencil was positioned. This made it so the pencil animation looked as smooth as possible.

When I was first making this piece I couldn’t think at first what my google doodle assignment was going to look like, I was sitting in class playing around with my pencil and I thought why don’t I just animate my pencil drawing the google logo. At first I thought the process was going to fast and not take as long as it did, 96 frames later and I was done.




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