Hello. My names Duncan and I am 17 years old. Was born in Canada, British Columbia and then moved after 12 years to live in the Caribbean, then soon after another 5 years I came to live in Canada, Ontario. My hobbies include playing video games, drawing, reading and writing, sometimes. I do enjoy swimming and have done it competitively.

I think i never really at first had an interest in art while i was younger. I only really started getting into it once i was around 15. I was heavily influenced by anime, or japanese cartoons. I enjoyed them quite a great deal and it really sparked my interests in art and allowed me to discover other forms of art too.

I started doodling and doing the odd sketch of things I liked, copying other works of art i liked and putting my own spin on it. I would be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and would get frustrated when i couldn’t get something looking quite how i wanted it too. I also for a short while when i as 16 started trying to take photographs. I found myself spending hours maybe taking 100 photos, to only get 2 i liked in the end. But it was incredibly fun.

Other than anime sparking my interests, i have a friend who is currently making a career out of digital art. Watching him succeed and achieve great things always made me so happy for him. I have helped him do a couple of his pieces and those times were great. Waiting to see what else he has in store and anything else he can come up with. You can find his work on his website fetinoc or check out his Instagram page, @fetinoc. His work is amazing and it always sparks my interests.