New Toy

Friday, January 20th, 2017

For Christmas I got a camera the first time I have ever owned a real camera (before I only had my phone’s camera). The camera is a Nikon D3400 Black with AF-P 18-55mm VR. I took the pictures of both flowers while in the Caribbean visiting my family. The 4 others were taken while back in Canada. I have had a lot of fun with this camera and even though I have just started taking pictures I can’t wait to take even more.


Google Doodle

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016


This piece was made in Adobe Photoshop, using a drawing pad to draw the logo ‘Goggle’ and the pencil that draws it.

To draw the pencil I did a light sketch of the pencil i was holding in my hand increasing the width of the pencil slightly and shortening its length as I didn’t want the pencil clipping out of the window. After the first sketch I went ahead and started colouring in the areas trying to make sure no white spots were left. I started with a light colouring of the areas then went in with finer detail.

For the word ‘Google’ to make sure the writing of ‘Google’ was as natural looking as possible I kept drawing the word ‘Google’ in my sketch book paying close attention to the way my pencil was positioned. This made it so the pencil animation looked as smooth as possible.

When I was first making this piece I couldn’t think at first what my google doodle assignment was going to look like, I was sitting in class playing around with my pencil and I thought why don’t I just animate my pencil drawing the google logo. At first I thought the process was going to fast and not take as long as it did, 96 frames later and I was done.



Typography – Barbara Kruger Inspired

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

McBryan - Barbara Kruger.jpg

This piece was completely made in Adobe Photoshop and inspired by Barbara Kruger, I wanted to tackle that fact that women still aren’t being properly included in political debates and discussions.

To get really into this piece I did a bit of research into the matter using the UN global issues website, I found information saying that when women are included in peace processes the probability of the agreement lasting at least 2 years increased by 20% and increased by 35% when it lasts at least 15 years.I wanted to get across that women should be seen more for their intellect than their bodies, or with their bodies. In fact everyone should be seen for their actions and choices rather than their appearance. To get this point across I changed up the commonly used statement of “Brains over brawn.” and changed it to “Brains over beauty.”

For the image its self, I had as the background the UN symbol with its cyan associated colour, and over played a women talking into a microphone. I overlaid the cyan colour onto the women so that your eyes would put the two things together, the UN and the women. Going for large white bold font with a black background to make them stand out was a good idea, also the placement of the word “brains” at the top over the word “beauty” not only telling the user but also showing them.

Thank you


Typography – Quotes

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016


Sorry about this piece coming out later than intended.

This piece was made using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. When first making this piece I came up with 3 quotes about friends, as I currently am in a good mood because of my friends.

The I used 3 different type faces the first is the white text, which i didn’t want to be as noticed as the other text, so it was smaller and sank to the back ground. The 2nd type face i used was for the words ‘Best’ and ‘Before’, I want these 2 words to be noticed after the word ‘Friends’ was noticed. The reason they are a light red with a pink highlight is because I wanted to get the feeling of happy or warm, that’s also why the word ‘Friends’ is coloured yellow. The word ‘Friends’ I used a script type face as I wanted a more elegant looking word so that it caught the eye and brought the gaze of the user to the middle of the piece rather than lingering on other words and getting distracted.

When dealing with the background I wanted to show friendship, this why I included 2 girls sitting alone mirroring each other body language, which is casual and comfortable. This body language shows they are comfortable with each other and get along. After deciding on the image I went with a light blur on the image as it was not the main focus of the piece, I didn’t want to over blur the image so that it wasn’t able to be even made out, but I also didn’t want the eye to look at it for too long, think of the image as almost ‘background noise’. I then overlaid lighter more cheerful colours of lights, further blurring the image by blending it and the words together into the image, yet still keeping them in focus and pulled away from the background.

I think I could have done much better on this piece, possible by removing the colour from the words and trying to playing with them more, such as wrapping the text into images to show the feelings I trying to get across rather than using colour.

Hope you enjoyed.



Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

This is some mandatory research I had to do for my class leading up to creating some design being in typography, going to be using Illustrator to create this piece. No promises on when its coming out, looking at maybe one or two weeks.

Serif fonts

This type of font gives off the feeling of formal and traditional, but not modern. It’s easy to read and appealing and symmetrical, allowing the eyes to follow along the words easily.

2-4‘SONY’ advertises and sells computers, tablets, TVs and online services and guides.

Which makes you wonder why ‘SONY’ hasn’t update their logo like ‘Google’ did a while ago. Although the change would be seem weird at first a think that ‘SONY’ would work better if they user a Sans Serif font because its seen as more modern. They want a more modern feeling considering that fact that they are in the technology market. The feeling of traditional is not a feeling that should be associated with new technologies.

Sans Serif fonts

This font gives off some of the same feelings of Serif font, being still as easy to read and understand. The difference is that Sans Serif is a more modern version of Serif.

google_2015_logo-svg‘Goggle’ is a primarily a search tool like ‘Bing’ or ‘Yahoo’. ‘Google +’ is also a social sharing website, they have also come out recently with and android IOS.

I think ‘Google’ making the choice back in 2015 to update their logo from Serif font to Sans Serif font was a good idea. Since Serif is more of a traditional older looking font, while Sans Serif is more modern a better fitting to a company that sells technology and works on websites.

Script font

Script font can either give off the feeling of a formal writing or a more friendly form, as if it was hand written. The font is slightly harder to read then the other two fonts, but is much more fluid and varied making, giving the feeling of elegance.

coca-cola-logo‘Coca-Cola’ sells carbonated drinks with their own flavors, similar to ‘Pepsi’. They also sell ‘Coca-Cola’ merchandise.

Script font for this company I feel is fine, since the logo itself used to be the creators signature, because back when it was created there was no printing, a company’s name was its signature. I think even if ‘Coca-Cola’ wanted to change their Logo font they would suffer massive customer loss. The company name has so much brand image associated with its font, that changing it would risk too much.

Remembrance Day

Friday, November 4th, 2016


With Remembrance Day coming up soon my class was assigned a task to make a remembrance themed photomontage. I wanted to get the feelings associated with remembrance day in this piece, I went for rich red standing out against a grey background. The symmetric piece having a large rich red Canadian maple leaf. This symbolizes the fact that the soldiers underneath the maple leaf have given their life for the country. In the back ground many graves and seen with a few dotted poppies here and there, popping out to give a slightly warm feel. The tone however of the piece is more serious but is lightened by the rich red poppies.

The quote underneath the maple leaf if you can’t read it says “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?” The quote is from Terry Partchett. I would like to think that it his quote also extends to the women that gave their lives too. I pray for any of those who are still suffering because of a lost one from war or the death of anyone from any cause.

When making this piece I ran into a little difficulties as I couldn’t find the right images I had imagined in my head. I first thinking doves and fields of poppies but still with soldiers, in the end though i had come out with this which I like a lot more than my initial idea.

Thank you.

Self Portrait

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Mcbryan - Portrait copy copy.jpg

First wanna say sorry for the late post, I talk about it in here. New post monday.

I call this piece a reflection of some of my personalities and feelings, I first wanted to grab the attention of the viewer by making them focus on the light baby blue headphones, music is a big thing in my life and without it i wouldn’t be able to focus as well when doing my work. The complimentary colours are exciting and pop out right away which is the effect i was going for in trying to direct the focus of the viewer to the headphones first.

The next thing you would notice is the contrast between me and the warm background, showing how even though i may be surrounded by things of warmth and happy feelings, I myself am not. Lastly I added a drawing of ‘Gudetama’ laying down being lazy trying to show my love of drawing and doodling but also that i am lazy and easily distracted.

This piece took forever to make, as I had planned everything I was going to do in my sketch book planning out the fine detail of what I was adding and how it was going to look. How ever half way through I didn’t like where the piece was going and decided to scrap it trying different things until I got the piece to its current state. Its not something I am super proud of and I defiantly think it could be better, how ever I wasted so much time already.

If I could do this piece again I would put a bunch more effort into it, and try to manage my time a little better. The piece was due in class and i had run out of time, it felt rushed and frantic, but it was my own fault for almost handing it in late.